Body Waxing

Eyebrow Waxing

Our beauty artists help you get flawless brows that can transform your looks!

Upper Lips Waxing

Avail upper lip waxing service at Mirrors Salon to unveil the beautiful philtrum skin.

Full Face Waxing

You think it and we give you the desired look! We do face waxing very carefully, we removes unwanted facial hairs and also eliminates the spot on the face to give you spotless face skin.

Side Face Waxing

Remove the unwanted fuzz on the side face and say hello to smoother skin!

Under arms Waxing

Our experts choose the best products that suit your skin type and provide gentle hair removal service.

Half Arms Waxing

Experience soft skin from finger to elbow with our half arms waxing service

Full Arms Waxing

For full hand hair removal, always work from the shoulder down to the wrists and hands.

Half Legs Waxing

Be summer ready with waxing from knees till toes. We use a special wax according to body.

Full Legs Waxing

Flaunt your beautiful legs with Mirrors Salon's full legs waxing service.

Half Back Waxing

Regular half back waxing service ensures removal of dead skin and it's totally rashes free.

Full Back Waxing

Wear your backless dress with style to flaunt your glowing on the back skin!

Belly Waxing

Flash your beautiful belly with special hair removal wax, which can be hot or cold and we take care of hygiene too.

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